About Our Company

At Chola Indian Restaurant we use only the freshest locally sourced produce, combined with authentic spices imported directly from the sub-continent, to offer classic, traditional recipes with a modern twist, creating a unique and memorable dining experience for you.

At Chola Indian Restaurant in Camden, you will find that we have a lot of heart. We make easy to have fresh Indian cuisine in just a few easy to follow steps with or online ordering service. Whether you are looking for goat, lamb, or the freshest veggies you can find, we will create a delicious dish for you. Our curry is sensational, and you will want to try new things every time you place a takeaway order at Chola Indian restaurant. Enjoy our menu and enjoy our spectacular service under new management. 


About the Chef


Pradeep Singh has been chef for over 15 years and has travelled and worked with quality chef all over Australia. After few years of break now coming back to showcase his skills in the kitchen and to provide locals with some quality curries and north & south indian dishes.